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UC San Diego Housing Resources

Click on the drawers below to learn more about UC San Diego's on and off-campus housing, as well as Basic Needs Off-Campus Housing resources for enrolled undergraduate and graduate students.

Undergraduate On-Campus Resources

Undergraduate On-Campus Resources:

  • Review UC San Diego's Housing Dining Hospitality (HDH) website to explore our resources for application processes, important dates, and announcements
  • Living Learning Communities are each characterized by housing within the same residence location, shared co-curricular experiences, access to resources, and engaging in activities that reinforce common affinities such as aspects of culture
  • Gender Inclusive Housing is available for continuing groups of undergraduate residents in all seven apartment living areas at UC San Diego. This option meets the needs of all of our continuing residents, inclusive of all genders, gender identities and expressions. It means that for continuing residents, women, men, and people of all gender identities and expressions can live together.
  • Access information regarding leasing and legal topics by visiting UC San Diego's Student Legal Services website
    • Students can book appointments for legal counseling through this website

Graduate / Family On-Campus Resources

Graduate / Family Housing On-Campus Resources:

UC San Diego’s Official Housing Search Engine

Students, staff, and faculty may visit our Basic Needs Off-Campus Housing website to search for roommates and create their own roommate profiles, and review property listings for rooms, apartments, and shared rentals. 

Have a Listing or a Sub-Lease? Add it to our website and share it with your greater Triton community!

Visit our resource page on the Off-Campus Housing website to access off-campus housing information.

Housing Instability Prevention Program

The City of San Diego is offering a Housing Instability Prevention Program that if eligible will pay $500 per month for up to 24 months for qualifying households in the City of San Diego and assist with housing-related expenses such as security deposits, past-due rent, utilities, application fees or furniture, depending on the family’s need. Payments are made directly to the approved vendor, such as the landlord or utility company.

UC San Diego Transit Efficient Housing

UC San Diego's Transportation Services and Student Affairs Case Management Services have compiled information on San Diego neighborhood's near transit service line.

In order to off-set the high rent prices in San Diego county, consider housing that is near the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) bus stops and/or the Blue Line Trolley Extension. Transit products for MTS are delivered through the PRONTO regional fare system. UC San Diego students have access to quarterly PRONTO Passes, allowing students to use these services for free. The U-Pass on the PRONTO App is provided during the fall, winter and spring academic quarters.

Transit-Efficient Housing in San Diego

Transit-Efficient Housing in San Diego:

When exploring housing options, consider your commute. Selecting housing in a neighborhood with great transit service can make your commute faster, more reliable, more productive and lower impact all while helping you save money.

These routes offer some of the fastest and most reliable one-seat rides to the La Jolla campus. Looking for housing within a brief 5-6 block walk or 1-mile bike ride from these transit centers could make your commute significantly more efficient.

UC San Diego's Transportation Services and UC San Diego's Case Management Services have compiled the below information on San Diego neighborhood's near transit service lines.

route map

Consider neighborhoods along the Rapid 237 express bus line. (map)

trolley route map

Consider neighborhoods along the UC San Diego Blue Line trolley, arriving on campus November 21, 2021. (map)

Properties along the Trolley Blue Line

Properties along the Trolley Blue Line:

Tecolote Stop

Clairemont Stop

Balboa Stop

Nobel Stop

Executive Drive Stop

UTC Transit Center Station Stop

City College Stop

Park & Market Stop

Palomar St Stop

Community Resources

The Center is a San Diego LGBTQ+ community center that provides targeted programs and services. The Center provides various housing services including rental assistance, permanent and supportive housing, and emergency housing.

San Diego Youth Services hosts a Temporary Housing for Youth Experiencing Homelessness for foster youth, ages 18-21, and foster youth existing in the system, ages 18-24. 

Culturally Reflective Food in San Diego:

  • Black Owned & African Diaspora
  • Middle Eastern
  • East Asian
  • Latinx
  • Pacific Islander - Hawaiian Fresh Seafood Market, Leilani’s Cafe, Kapu Coffee, Homestyle Hawaiian, Chris Ono Grinds, JJ’s Island Grindz, Wahine Kai Shave Ice, Poke Etc, Chamorro Grill, Smack’n Guamanian Grill, Island Pacific Seafood Market

Helpful Off-Campus Housing Search Links

  • Helpful Off-Campus Housing Search Links: 
    • Search engine ideas: “San Diego Property Managers” or “San Diego Property Management” to tap in more to other local property owners that are not corporate; complexes that are duplexes, 4 units, 8 units, 16 units etc.
    • Search engine ideas: “Corporate Housing San Diego” for transitional housing options often geared towards traveling professionals; apartments are short term and often furnished! 
  • Affordable Housing Projects:
    • Trolley Park Terrace, Encanto – 52 units, 51 affordable
    • Mayberry Townhomes, Southeastern – 70 units, 69 affordable
    • Hotel Churchill, Downtown – 73 units, 72 affordable, 72 supportive
    • Alpha Square, Downtown – 203 units, 201 affordable, 135 supportive
    • Celadon, Downtown – 250 units, 248 affordable, 13 supportive
    • Paseo at COMM22, Southeastern – 130 units, 128 affordable, 13 supportive
    • Victoria at COMM22, Southeastern – 70 senior units, 69 affordable
    • Atmosphere, Downtown – 205 units, 202 affordable, 41 supportive
    • Ouchi Courtyards, Encanto – 45 units, 44 affordable, 7 supportive

Housing Help San Diego

The Housing Help San Diego website is a one-stop resource to support San Diegans struggling to pay rent, stay housed and understand their housing rights during the pandemic.