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Grocery Shuttle will now be running every Tuesday 2pm-6pm during Summer.

Grocery Shuttle

Housing, Dining, and Hospitality (HDH) along with Transportation Services and Basic Needs at UC San Diego have partnered to offer a free weekly shuttle service to Convoy and Balboa Ave from Mandeville Lane Loop for both graduate and undergraduate students. You can find various dining options there as well as grocery stores (99 Ranch Market, Balboa International Market, Food 4 Less, Zion Market, Tropical Star Market and Restaurant, and H-Mart). You can find the route here along with the departure times from each location. We have also received several coupons and special offers for UCSD students (see below).

We encourage anyone who is planning on shopping to bring your own grocery bags. 

To find grocery stores near the shuttle stops, please use our Affordable Grocery Store map. Pink stars have been added by the shuttle stops. 


Grocery Shuttle Route and Hours

Grocery Shuttle Route

The grocery shuttle will have stops at La Jolla Village Square, Balboa & Genesee, Balboa & Convoy, Convoy & Engineer, and Clairemont Mesa & Runner Rd.

Live Map

Grocery Shuttle Times

The grocery shuttle will be running every Tuesday from 2pm-6pm. We have minimized the amount of seats down to approx. 8-10 per bus, and only boarding/exiting through rear doors to minimize exposure to the drivers.

99 Ranch Deal

99 Ranch is graciously offering a 5% discount to all UCSD students on weekends. See the link below for the flyer.




H-Mart is offering a 5% discount to all UCSD students on weekends. See the link below for the flyer.

H-Mart Flyer


Target Coupons

Thank you to Target in Balboa Ave. who has partnered with us and provided over 300 coupons (5% off). These coupons are available on a first come first serve basis during shuttle operation hours.


Balboa International Market Discount

Balboa International Market has agreed to apply a 5% discount on any items purchased. Please show your student ID at checkout.


Lolita's Mexican Food

10% discount to students at Lolita's restaurant. Upon ordering, students just have to ask the cashier for the student discount and show their student ID.

Tropical Star Restaurant & Specialty Market

This authentic Puerto Rican and Latin American restaurant and market is offering 10% off to all UCSD students on Saturdays during shuttle operating hours. Please show your ID at checkout to ask for the discount.