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Food Recovery Network

Food Recovery Network is a national non-profit with a mission to reduce food waste and combat food insecurity through the recovery and distribution of edible food waste. There are 230 chapters at colleges and universities around the nation. UC San Diego's chapter started in 2016 and works on and off campus to recover food waste from dining halls, Farmer's Markets, and grocery stores to feed students and community members facing food insecurity.

Places Recovered Food Comes From:

  • HDH Dining Halls and Markets
  • Leucadia Farmer's Market
  • Campus Farmer's Market
  • Su Pan (Y Mas)
  • UCSD Thornton Hospital
  • Vons

Food Distribution at OMS

The Food Recovery Network, Basic Needs, and the Graduate Student Association have partnered to distribute ready to go meals at OMS (grad and family housing) on Mondays 2:00pm-4pm and Thursdays 3:00pm-5pm. The recovered meals will be from 64 degrees and vons will be distributed at OMS. There will be 2 people per time slot. Please note that the amount of food we receive from 64 degrees and Vons varies weekly, so we cannot guarantee the same amount or the same items each week. We will serve until food runs out. Thank you for your understanding.


Connect With Us

To learn more about Food Security Network or how to volunteer, connect with us on Facebook or email us at



Food Recovery Network In Action

The Food Recovery Network is a key partner in helping us divert edible food "waste" and give back to our campus community in need. Follow the EcoNauts as they go behind the scenes to see things in action and hear from the people who make the magic happen!

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Sustainability Student Organization of the Year Award '18-19

The UC San Diego Sustainability Awards recognizes individuals and groups that have made the campus more sustainable—from managing campus gardens to supporting food recovery for students who need it most. The Food Recovery Network won the 18-19 Student Group Award. They recovered 16,387 pounds of food for the academic year.