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Food Security

Our campus has taken direct actions to increase food security for UC San Diego undergraduate and graduate students through the creation of a spectrum of food resources for students to explore!

What is being "Food Secure?"

This means having the availability of nutritionally adequate and culturally reflective safe foods, ability to acquire such foods in a dignified way, and accessibility to prepare meals.

How do I know if myself and/or my fellow student friends might be having food security challenges?

  • Do you or friends anticipate missing a meal this week?
  • Are you or friends deciding between buying a book or buying food?
  • Is finding transportation to affordable and culturally reflective grocery stores causing stress for not being able to eat on your ideal budget?

Explore our Food Security services:


Nutrition Tool Kit

In this tool-kit you will find meal guidance basics and inspiration. The Harvard Healthy Eating Plate (included in this kit) provides a general guideline for how you should fill your plate with all the right food groups.

Open Tool Kit