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The Hub Basic Needs Center


  • Alicia Magallanes (she/her)

    San Diego State University, School of Social Work, BSW & MSW

    As Director of the Hub Basic Needs Center, Alicia oversees and provides supportive services to increase accessibility of basic needs resources for students at UC San Diego. She has worked alongside resilient communities in south Los Angeles as a street outreach worker, was a Farmers Market Recovery Glean Lead with Food Forward at the Hollywood Farmers Market, and conducted her graduate studies field practicum with Feeding San Diego locally. (she/her)

    She aspires to cultivate a basic needs secure campus environment and shift dialogue around the topic of basic needs to reflect the resilience as well as innovation of our amazing undergraduate and graduate student communities.

Assistant Director

  • Kameo Quenga (she/her)

    University of San Francisco, Higher Education & Student Affairs, M.A.

     As Assistant Director of the Hub Basic Needs Center, Kameo oversees internal operations of Hub services and aims to center both professional and student staff wellness. She aims to utilize data and assessment to right-size how our services can continue to support the ever-changing needs of our student populations. She serves as the liaison between Basic Needs and Case Management Services, with goals to maximize both on and off campus partnerships as it relates to tackling basic needs challenges through a collaborative and justice-oriented lens.

    Kameo brings lived experiences from both the Bay Area & South Sacramento which allows her to recognize that alleviating basic needs challenges for our students cannot be done alone. Basic Needs are retention efforts.

Basic Needs Food Security Programs Coordinator

  • Sarah Feteih (she/her)

    San Diego State University, School of Social Work, MSW.

    As the Food Security Programs Coordinator, Sarah manages the diverse portfolio of food security programs on campus, including the CalFresh Outreach Team and Food Recovery Network. She serves as a liaison between the Basic Needs Center and Triton Food Pantry, as well as other on- and off-campus partners for food security services. She has been actively involved in food security work across San Diego for the last 4 years, previously supporting the SDSU Economic Crisis Response Team and managing the Wasted Food Prevention Program at the San Diego Food System Alliance. 

    Sarah is passionate about cultivating student leaders in her role and committed to helping students thrive in and out of the classroom. Most of all, she is a proud UCSD alumni and is excited to bring her experience to support students and food security programming on campus. 

CalFresh Program Coordinator

  • Ebony Watkins (she/her/ella)

    CalFresh Program Coordinator


Food Security Programs Assistant

  • Beatriz Chavez Vega (she/her/ella)

    As the Food Security Programs Assistant, Beatriz assists with the programmatic and administrative support to the portfolio of food security programs, including but not limited to the Triton Food Pantry, Food Recovery Network, and other supplemental nutrition assistance programs. Her previous work included supporting and managing the Associated Students Food Pantry at San Diego State University.

    Beatriz aims to increase visibility and accessibility to food security resources across the UCSD campus community.

Basic Needs Housing & Education Coordinator

  • Carolyn Tinoco (she/her/ella)

    Basic Needs Housing & Education Coordinator


Basic Needs Housing and Education Assistant

  • Marissa Islas (she/her)

    The University of California, San Diego, B.A. in Global Health, Psychology Minor

    As the Housing and Education Assistant, Marissa focuses on supporting access to safe and stable housing for students at UC San Diego. She informs students of housing resources through their transition from on-campus to off-campus living. The main purpose of this position is to develop short-term and long-term strategies to address food and housing insecurity on campus. Additionally, Marissa manages the Off-Campus Housing Website and facilitates the Basic Needs Peer Education Program.

    Before this role, Marissa was a Peer Educator Student Lead at The Hub. She is passionate about providing basic needs accessibility for students at UC San Diego through the administration and retention of resources.

Basic Needs Program Coordinator

  • Carmen Gonzalez (she/ella)

    University of San Francisco, Higher Education & Student Affairs, M.A.

    As the Basic Needs Coordinator, Carmen focuses on supporting students by providing holistic consultations in regards to their access to food, stable housing, and financial wellness resources. Carmen also helps run the basic needs center by overlooking the center daily operations and student staff.

    Before this role, Carmen was completing her Master’s degree at the University of San Francisco (USFCA)! During her graduate experience, she served as an Assistant Residence Director (ARD) within Residential Life for two years. She also had the opportunity to support the food pantry during her graduate experience. Lastly, she also worked at UCSD within the Student Affairs Case Management (SACM) on campus during the summer.

    Carmen is a proud first generation Latinx college graduate. She is passionate about uplifting student leaders in their roles and addressing challenges within basic needs to support UCSD college students.

Basic Needs Assistants

  • Ariana Lopez (she/her) 

    Basic Needs Assistant Lead

    4th year Chemical Engineering Major

    As a Basic Needs Student Assistant, Ariana Lopez strives to help students fulfill their needs in order to succeed and achieve. Her passion about the many resources available to students allows her to spread awareness about basic needs. After she graduates, she hopes to attend graduate school to continue her journey as an engineer. 

  • profile placeholder image

    Catherine Peng (she/they)

    4th year History Major, Education Minor

    As a Basic Needs Assistant, Catherine aspires to expand the reach of basic needs resources on campus to students to help cultivate a more equitable and supportive community at UCSD.

    Following graduation, Catherine plans on pursuing a career in teaching. They hope to continually push for student-centered and socially just environments in schools.

  • Chiemena Nnorom (she/her)

    4th year Global Health Major

    I want to assist students in establishing their own personal agency in terms of health advocacy by introducing them to the resources we have at the Basic Needs Center. With knowledge about financial literacy, food justice, and housing stability, students will be able to have the platform to change their own personal health narratives.

    I hope to apply these foundational principles to the career I embark in next!

  • Zion Avery (she/her/hers)

    2nd year Human Biology Major

    As a Basic Needs Assistant, Zion is passionate about helping communities by connecting them to resources they didn't know exsisted or have access to. Zion hopes to take what they learn during their time at the Basic Needs Hub and apply it post grad within the medical field. 

CalFresh Outreach Assistants

  • Stefanie Alarcon (she/her)

    4th year Human Biology Major

    I love helping students with all basic needs but most importantly with applying for food benefits! Food security should not be a luxury, thats why I love offering 1-1 appointments with students for Calfresh application assistance. Aside my passion for helping students, I love spending time to practice different art forms such as painting and embroidering!

  •  Mia Jerphagnon (she/her) 

    3rd year Business Economics Major and Data Science Minor

    A lot of students also don’t think they’re eligible for CalFresh, but with programs like LPIE and other ways to be eligible, many of these students are! As a CalFresh Outreach Assistant, Mia hopes to spread the word to students and make the application process as stress-free as possible.

    After graduation, Mia wants to pursue a career involving entrepreneurship, economic/business analysis, and music. Mia is excited for all the possibilities of the future and looks forward to using every experience as an opportunity to grow. 
  • Grace Griesham (she/they) 

    4th year Public Health with a Concentration in Medicine Science

    Grace hopes to help expand access to nutritional food as well as educate students about discount programs for CalFresh beneficiaries. After graduation, she intends to integrate her advocacy skills into a career as a palliative care physician in order to reduce healthcare disparities among racial and ethnic minorities.
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    Denise Vazquez Rosas (she/her)

    4th year Public Health and Human Development Major

    I love the idea that students are able to obtain information that can help them fight against food insecurity because it should be a basic right for all students. I hope to become a useful resource for our students, more specifically for first generation students because I am aware that it can be a challenging time trying to navigate higher education. In the future, I want a career path in public health that helps combat against health disparities and I think this job is a great introduction to that.
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    Alondra Jimenez (she/her)

    2nd year International Studies - International Business Major

    As a CalFresh Outreach Assistant, Alondra is committed to assisting students in receiving food security opportunities. She believes in the fundamental right to access basic necessities, and her goal is to raise awareness about the CalFresh benefits and other essential resources at the Hub, ensuring that eligible students are able to access the support they need.

  • Breanna Ramirez (she/her)

    3rd year Linguistics Major with a specialization in Language and Society

    I strive to help college students have access to food assistance and other resources the Basic Needs Hub can offer. I am passionate about bridging gaps in access to resources here on campus.

  • Vicky Li (she/her) 

    3rd year Data Science and (soon-to-be) Economics Major

    As a former student who once grappled with food insecurity and has experienced the crucial support provided by the CalFresh program, Vicky was grateful and is now dedicated to increase the awareness of CalFresh's accessibility and eligibility. Vicky wants to make students aware that they should not be stressing about food, because they are here to help!

    After graduation, Vicky envisions pursuing a master's degree in Data Science, where she aims to leverage her skills for meaningful contributions within the healthcare and/or technology sectors."
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     Michelle Sorto (she/they)  

    3rd year Pharmacological Chemistry Major, Japanese Studies and Visual Arts Minor

    As a CalFresh Outreach Assistant, Michelle hopes to assist many students access CalFresh benefits. CalFresh can benefit many students on and off-campus and Michelle wants to encourage everyone who qualify to apply. Michelle hopes that CalFresh will help relieve some stress for students. After graduation, Michelle plans to become a pharmaceutical chemist.

Triton Food Pantry


  • profile placeholder image

    Cecilia Hurlbert (she/her)

    4th year Molecular & Cell Biology Major, Minor: Global Health

    As a Co-Lead Manager of the Food Pantry, Cecilia recognized reliable access to basic needs as fundamental for student success. She aims to create an accessible space for students where they can find a variety of pantry staples and produce. She hopes to help build community networks that support and advocate for student access to basic needs.

    Upon graduating, Cecilia aspires to pursue a career in Dentistry, carrying with her principles of community building, support, and accessibility. 

  • Cynthia Platt (they/them)

    4th year Social Psychology

    As a Triton Food Pantry co-lead manager, Cynthia has spent 3 years ensuring that student needs are prioritized above all. Having grown up facing recurrent systematic food and housing insecurity, Cynthia loves working alongside policy makers to advocate for groups that are frequently left unheard in complex systems like prestigious universities.

    They feel strongly about working for organizations who try hard to accommodate the groups most disadvantaged by either policy or society. Because of this, Cynthia plans to continue working in spaces like the Basic Needs Hub as leadership to make sure those in power are always taking into account student accessibility.

  • Caytre Ede (she/her)

    4th year Human Biology Major

    As the Triton Food Pantry Pop-Up/Accessibility Manager, Caytre Ede strives to bring the services of the food pantry to UCSD students both on and off campus through collaboration with different resources, such as DoorDash and Pop-Up pantries. She hopes to bring awareness to the spectrum of food insecurities while expanding the pantry’s outreach efforts using a student-focused perspective.

    After graduating, she aspires to pursue geriatric medicine in a community-based setting. In doing so, she hopes to develop personable relationships and a character of servitude to others. 

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    Uchenna Emerueh (she/her)

    3rd year Cognitive Science Major

    Hi my name is Uchenna! I enjoy working out, trying new sports, listening to music and going to the beach. On my free time, I enjoy giving to my community by joining community service opportunities such as beach clean ups and volunteering at youth sports games.

  • Doris Huang (she/her)

    Business Psychology Major & Education Minor

    The reason why Doris is working as a Pantry manager is simply because they believe that Basic Needs are the cornerstone for students to realize their dreams. Doris wishes that their help and dedication in this job will support them in achieving their individual educational/ life success. Serving has become an indispensable part of their life. They deeply care about education as they are eager to make changes fighting for any unbalanced policies within the education system. The best way to have an impact is to equip themself with more professional knowledge. And this is why they are planning to pursue a Master degree in higher education after graduation. In their spare time, Doris co-leads a dance team on campus and calls dancing their personal therapy session. :)

  • Juliana Tran (she/her)

    3rd year Neurobiology Major and Music Minor

    As the Volunteer Manager for the Triton Food Pantry, Juliana Tran hopes to combat food insecurity by providing a warm and welcoming space for all students to access groceries on campus. She is also passionate about community involvement, believing that group efforts can ultimately make an impactful change to one's community. After she graduates, Juliana hopes to work in the medical field to help serve disadvantaged communities. She believes equitable access to basic needs, especially through healthcare, is an important part of one's long-term happiness and wellbeing.

  • Evelyn Hsieh (she/her)

    4th year Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Major, General Biology Minor

    As the General Operations Manager for the Triton Food Pantry, Evelyn intends to relieve the burden of food insecurity and food costs amongst the student population. From posting operation hours at the pantry doors to behind the scenes administration, she hopes that students utilize the pantry for free access to healthy fruits, vegetables, and shelf stable items. She has been a pantry user since her freshman year, became a volunteer, and is now working with the very team she appreciates so much! Upon graduating, Evelyn aspires to work in the healthcare field.

  • Nathan Gomez (he/him)

    2nd year Urban Studies and Planning Major

    Through his previous work to combat food insecurity, Nathan hopes to provide an option for those in need, promote useful resources to his community, help reduce food waste, and advocate for the accessibility of Basic Needs. He is focused on helping his fellow Tritons with his position here at the Pantry.

  • Antara Bhatt (she/her)

    2nd year Biochemistry Major and Pre-Med

    Antara is the Triton Food Pantry External Affairs Manager. Antarra was born in Indiana but has lived in India through and through. She absolutely loves food and so loves working at the Pantry.

  • Simran Subramaniam (she/they)

    2nd year Global Health Major, Biology Minor

    As the Marketing Manager of the Triton Food Pantry, Simran works to increase the reach of the resources the Pantry offers. She hopes to continue expanding the accessibility of information about the Pantry and to work with other resource centers in the community in doing so. After graduation, she hopes to go to medical school or graduate school for public health and study health inequities.

  • Jennifer Van (she/her)

    3rd year General Biology Major

    As a Volunteer Manager for the Triton Food Pantry, Jennifer works to help connect students who want to get involved in combating food insecurity through volunteering at the pantry. She aims to help students obtain access to basic necessities with the hope that they would have one less thing to worry about while pursuing their education. After graduating, she plans to pursue a career in medicine to help disadvantaged communities.

  • profile placeholder image

    Bem Adagba 

    3rd year Neurobiology, Business Econ, Cog Sci

    I aim to learn about life! I enjoy learning and going on adventures.

  • Drew Frank (he/him)

    1st Year Political Science - International Relations and Global Health (double major)

    Drew is originally from San Ramon, CA and is looking forward to uplifting the Triton community through his work at the pantry. Having been a volunteer in the past, he hopes to raise awareness about food insecurity and encourage students to become more active in pushing back against it. He is extremely passionate about exploring the intersection between political economy and food availability, and hopes to further his research in this area following graduation.

  • Alessandra Quintanilla (she/her)

    1st Year Biochemistry Major

    As a pantry manager, Alessandra aspires to be able to combat food insecurity, demonstrate different ways to reduce waste, and utilize different quick, easy, and healthy recipes with food available at the pantry. Through her experiences with food insecurity, Alessandra hopes to help inform and direct students to different assessable resources for students. Once she graduates she hopes to open her orthodontic clinic for low-income communities and hire those who were formerly incarcerated wanting to integrate into the medical field.

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    Uyen Huynh 

    4th year Business Economics Major

    I am a fourth year and majoring in Business Economics. I enjoy supporting and connecting with my communities.

  • profile placeholder image

    Saba Taheri

    1st Year Global Health B.S. Major

    I am deeply passionate about combating food insecurity and advocating for equitable access to affordable food. Having personally witnessed the impact of food insecurity, I am committed to make a difference for the students at UC San Diego. My desire to help comes from the belief that no college student should ever go hungry, and that access to nutritious and healthy food is a fundamental human right. By working at the Triton Food Pantry, I aim to contribute to the efforts of providing resources, raising awareness, and overall helping advocate towards a major issue for college students that UC San Diego’s Triton Food Pantry impressively addresses.

  • profile placeholder image

    Elise Ramsey (she/her)

    1st Year Cognitive Science with Specialization in Design and Interaction Major

    Elise hopes to contribute to a welcoming community that encourages all students to achieve their best in all aspects of their life without having to worry about their basic needs being taken care of. She hopes that she can help create a comfortable space on campus for everyone and foster a supportive and accessible environment.

Marketing and Communications


  • Lana Arcinas (she/her)

    Bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Computing

    As a Basic Needs Marketing and Communications Assistant, Lana hopes to uplift the student community that The Hub serves and make its resources accessible. She strives to make designs and graphics that not only educate, but make people smile! After graduating, Lana wants to design for accessibility on the web, focusing on making an impact as a professional UX/UI designer and developer, creating things that are not only useful, but meaningful and empathetic with users.

  • Jocelynne Montehermoso (she/her)

    3rd year Speculative Design Major

    As a Marketing and Communications Assistant, Jocelynne aims to increase accessibility of information and awareness of the resources provided by The Hub Basic Needs Center. She strives to uplift students voices and is a big advocate for basic human rights for students on campus. In hopes of continually developing upon the brand identity, Jocelynne seeks to provide outreach for students, staff, and faculty. After graduation, she hopes to pursue design for companies and organizations that give back to the community. Ultimately she's aspires to have a career that will allow her "design for change".

  • Yuming Ma (she/her)

    3rd year Majors: Interdisc Computing & the Arts, Cogn Sci w/ Spec Design & Inter; Minor: Comp Sci

    As a Marketing and Communications Assistant, Yuming hopes to support the Hub's goals by enhancing awareness and accessibility to its resources for students and other UCSD members in the community. She aims to create designs that could present the hub as a welcoming and resourceful space for all community members. After graduation, she plans to pursue UI/UX design, creating products tailored to the user’s changing needs as the virtual platform develops at a rapid rate.

  • Noelle Lam (she/her)

    2nd Year Cognitive Science: Design and Interaction

    As a Marketing and Communications Assistant, I strive to promote all the resources provided by the Hub. In the future, I want to take the lessons I learned from this role to pursue a career in UX/Product Design. Outside of school and work, I enjoy staying active, so playing basketball, running, and weightlifting. I've also been getting into crocheting and really enjoying thrifting.

Basic Needs Peer Educators


  • Makayla Rivera (she/her)

    4th Year Major: Cognitive Science - Clinical Aspects of Cognition, Minors: Business and Psychology

    As a Peer Educator, Makayla aims to provide support and resources to ensure that students prioritize and are able to meet their basic needs. She hopes to help end the stigma that surrounds basic needs, encouraging student to ask for support when needed. In addition, Makayla is an advocate for mental health, and she hopes that The Hub's resources reduce students' stress, allowing them to focus more on their academics, personal lives, and mental health!

    As a Cognitive Science major, Makayla is interested in pursuing a career in the Psychology or Business field. In her free time, she enjoys working out, reading, journaling, cooking new vegan recipes, going to the beach, and spending quality time with loved ones. 

  • Marcy Davila (she/her)

    4th year Political Science: Public Law MajorCritical Gender Studies Minor

    As a peer educator, Marcy approaches community outreach through an intersectional and inclusive lens. She aims to bring more awareness to the basic needs barriers faced by off-campus students, particularly those who come from underserved backgrounds. She hopes to strengthen the connection between students and The Hub so that everyone has access to the resources they need.

    In the future, Marcy intends on pursuing a legal career. She wants to involve herself in advocacy and public service work that is centered on social justice efforts.

  • Louis Avalos (he/him)

    2nd year Communication Major. Political Science Minor

    Anything but basic is what you can call me! I have a strong passion for social advocacy, change, and revitalization while loving the outdoors, arts, and anything that makes me less anxious about being lonely!

  • Audrey Yeun (she/her)

    3rd year Human Biology Major

    As a Peer Educator, Audrey aims to spread The Hub's resources to more UCSD students, and advocate for more basic needs resources to be provided for diverse groups. She strives to communicate resources in a clear and straightforward way to make them easy to understand and accessible, so that students can focus on their academics and future. After graduation, she plans to go into the physical therapy field and work closely with patients to help them improve their well-being. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, crocheting, and dreaming of cat ownership.

  • Mary Sasso (she/her)

    4th year Major in Communications and Psychology Minor

    As a Basic Needs Peer Educator, Mary strives to cultivate and engage in dialogue that promotes student wellness and community at UCSD. She hopes to spread awareness and information on basic need resources that students can utilize in their everyday lives. Mary greatly values community-building and connection and hopes to make sure that students feel heard, supported, and understood at the Basic Needs Hub Center.

  • Ally Fung (she/her)

    3rd year Urban Studies and Planning Major and Business Minor

    As a Basic Needs Peer Educator, Ally strives to spread information about Basic Needs resources within and around UCSD. Through her work, she hopes to promote equitable food access, transportation and housing accessibility, mental wellness, and a sense of community for students and community members alike. In the future, Ally intends on attending graduate school for urban planning. She hopes to pursue a career in transportation planning or housing policy to advance the accessibility of these essential resources on a large scale.

  • Joyce Park (she/her)

    2nd year Psychology Major

    As a Basic Needs Peer Educator, Joyce endeavors to inform UCSD students, as well as the people in our county, with the resources that the Hub provides on and off of campus. Along with that, she is passionate in making new connections with those that need a helping hand. Joyce hopes that she will be able to lift some stress off of those students and residents in need of aid, so that they can have an amazing school year, and a warming welcome to their community.

    After graduation, Joyce plans to attend graduate school, in order to pursue her career in advocating for students, as a school psychologist/counselor.

  • Amoha Bhale (she/her)

    3rd year Human Biology and Global Health double Major

    As a Basic Needs Peer Educator, Amoha hopes to outreach to students coming from all varied backgrounds at UCSD and surrounding communities. She strives to inform everyone about the on and off campus resources that can help alleviate some of the pressures for students and help them feel safe and comfortable while acclimating to their new environment. Amoha is also a huge advocate for equitable access to basic needs and mental health resources and is especially passionate about addressing the intersectional barriers and stigmas that people face.

    After graduation, Amoha hopes to pursue a career in the medical field. She is especially driven to be involved with administrative efforts to destigmatize mental health in the medical community while also centering the intersectional differences that often go unnoticed or are disregarded in medical practice.

  • profile placeholder image

    Jessica Wang (she/her)

    2nd year Double major in Literatures in English and Psychology

    As a Basic Needs Peer Educator, Jessica hopes to spread word about the resources that helped her in college. Basic needs are human rights that are needed in society, and she hopes to bring availability for it to everyone who needs it, whether they display it or not. Her passion for community service ties into her interest for law, where she hopes that she will bring structure, analysis, and understanding most of all to a multitude of people- even criminal defendants on the stand.

  • Florina Yee (she/her)

    3rd year Business Econ major; accounting minor

    As a BN peer educator, Florina hopes to spread awareness to the student population of the multiple basic needs resources available to uplift students. She strives to erase stigma involved with using these resources and believes that all students should be able to focus on their education without the interference and food and housing insecurity. Florina plans to pursue a CPA route post grad.

Food Recovery Network Drivers

  • Cindy Xu (she/her)

    4th year Major: General Biology Minor: Environmental Systems

    As an FRN driver, Cindy is able to save food that would be thrown away and give it to people that suffer from food insecurity. She also loves animals even though she is severely allergic to cats and dogs. As a hobby, she enjoys gaming, working out, and cooking.

  • Kailey Wilkens (she/they)

    4th year Computer Science Major

    As an FRN Driver, Kailey thrives when connecting different food justice communities together on and off campus. You’ll find them all across food justice spaces, including any/all community gardens, Inter-Sustainability Council, Dollar Lunch Club, Che Cafe, Computer Science in Agriculture Club, and much more!

  • profile placeholder image

    Nicholas Preston 

    4th year Aerospace Engineering Major

    As an FRN driver, Nicholas looks forward to helping fight food insecurity on campus. By recovering food donations, he then helps to distribute them back to students. After graduation he hopes to continue bettering the lives of those around him through engineering and robotics.

  • profile placeholder image

    Michelle Barriga (she/her)

    3rd year Political Science Major

    As a College Corps Fellow placed at the Food Recovery Network I am looking forward to helping students that are facing food insecurity and to lessen the impacts of food waste. As a first-gen student, after graduating I hope to minimize the effects of inequities in education and the community.

  • profile placeholder image

    Yaohui Chen (Yahoo)

    4th Year Computer engineering Major

    I'm in my fourth year studying computer engineering, I used to get food from food distribution programs and I think saving food from going to waste. give it to those who really need it, It will be a win win for the environment and our community.

  • profile placeholder image

    Monica Lopez (she/her)

    3rd year International Buisness and Japanese Studies Major

    As an FRN Driver, Monica hopes that all the food surplus collected will help ease student's stress on whether or not they will be able to have enough to eat for the week. I am glad to be able to see the good quality items collected make people's day at distributions.