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The Hub Basic Needs Center


  • Alicia Magallanes

    San Diego State University, School of Social Work, BSW & MSW

    As Director of the Hub Basic Needs Center, Alicia oversees and provides supportive services to increase accessibility of basic needs resources for students at UC San Diego. She has worked alongside resilient communities in south Los Angeles as a street outreach worker, was a Farmers Market Recovery Glean Lead with Food Forward at the Hollywood Farmers Market, and conducted her graduate studies field practicum with Feeding San Diego locally. 

    She aspires to cultivate a basic needs secure campus environment and shift dialogue around the topic of basic needs to reflect the resilience as well as innovation of our amazing undergraduate and graduate student communities.

Basic Needs Programs Coordinator

  • Chelsea Richardson

    The Ohio State University, School of Social Work, BSSW & MSW

    As the Basic Needs Programs Coordinator, Chelsea supports the organizational and programmatic logistics of basic needs student services, ensuring the daily operations of The Hub run smoothly, and coordinating campus-wide outreach and integration. 

    Chelsea brings to this role a decade of experience working with students first in New York City and more recently in San Diego, where she's worked to provide and expand resources for those experiencing homelessness, worked to help first generation college students navigate the college selection and admission process, and more recently served as the Advisor and Program Coordinator of the African American Studies Program at UC San Diego. 

    Chelsea aims to use her role on campus not only to address basic needs insecurity, but to also address the need for systemic change that promotes the security, health and well-being of all students at UC San Diego. 

Food Security Programs Coordinator

  • Nydia Lopez

    San Diego State University, MA Post-Secondary Educational Leadership with a Specialization in Student Affairs

    As the Food Security Programs Coordinator, Nydia oversees an array of campus programs that support food security at UC San Diego. This includes emergency relief programs such as the Triton Food Pantry and Graduate Food Pantry, CalFresh, and the Food Recovery Network. She also assists in the coordination of new programming and new initiatives while assessing existing food security programs.

    Nydia has worked in a variety of student services departments including Study Abroad, Financial Aid, and most recently, UCSD’s Case Management Services. She is committed to advancing basic needs services for students by combating food security challenges at our campus and addressing the full spectrum of food insecurity. 

Basic Needs Assistants

  • Ebadut Shahzada

    4th year Molecular Biology Major, Ethnic Studies Minor

    One of three Basic Needs Assistants, Ebadut Shahzada strives to support students in fulfilling their basic needs, and expelling the stigma that surrounds basic needs initiatives at UC San Diego. 

    She aspires to pursue medicine after completing her undergraduate degree, and dismantle structures of social inequalities within the field.

  • Cieara Simmons

    4th year Global Health Major

     As a Basic Needs Assistant, Cieara Simmons works hard to connect students to the variety of resources UC San Diego offers. 

    After she graduates, Cieara hopes to become a world traveler and visit lower income countries to help people access resources they need.

  • Jasmine Ballard

    4th year Global Health Major, Communications and Bioethics Double Minor

    As a Basic Needs Assistant, Jasmine Ballard aims to provide support and comfort to all students experiencing insecurity within any realm of basic needs. With this aim, she aspires to uplift these students by connecting them to resources such as the Basic Needs Peer Educator Program.

    Following graduation, Jasmine desires to continue her education by pursuing a Master of Public Health. With this, she hopes to gain the necessary knowledge and experience to serve communities of color in need.

  • Aliyah Annis

    1st year Political Science - Public Law Major

    By connecting students to the many different resources UC San Diego offers, Basic Needs Assistant Aliyah Annis strives to help students focus on their personal goals and achievements.

    After graduation, she aspires to attend law school in order to become an immigration lawyer to aid families like her own whom are impacted by citizenship status and help make the road to citizenship a smoother, understanding process. She also hopes to run for public office.

CalFresh Outreach Assistants

  • David Ban

    4th year International Relations and Ethnic Studies Double Major

    As a returning CalFresh Outreach Assistant, David Ban hopes to continue expanding his understanding of Basic Needs through interacting with his local community. With this, he hopes to learn how to implement change at a higher level.

    After graduating, David wishes to travel broadly to further deepen his understandings of Basic Needs in communities around the world.

  • Stephanie Torres

    5th year Urban Studies and Planning Major

    As a CalFresh Outreach Assistant, Stephanie Torres wants to ensure that university and community resources are accessible to all students. She aims to reduce food and housing insecurity at an institutional level.

    After graduating, she hopes to combine her passion for public health and GIS to combat environmental and food injustices in communities of color.

  • Keliana Rios

    4th year Literature in English Major, English and Psychology Double Minor

    Keliana Rios has been actively engaged and involved with the Basic Needs movement at UCSD. First, she started off as the Pop-up Pantry Manager and in her third year she was the Associated Vice President of Food and Housing. She now continues to work as the CalFresh Outreach Assistant during her final year. She wants to continuously assistant students and create an impact with the Basic Needs Efforts on campus.

    After graduation, Keliana wants to continue educating others by becoming an English and Psychology teacher. She wants to travel and work through DODEA, which allows teachers to travel around the world to teach students located on military bases.

  • Keeshia Kamura

    3rd year Clinical Psychology Major

    As one of the CalFresh Outreach Assistants, Keeshia Kamura aims to educate students about food access and security. She focuses on partnering with other on-campus programs to increase awareness about CalFresh and to help students access nutritious food. Taking the phrase "student-driven, student-run" to heart, she is passionate about assisting students in a way that emphasizes community and collaboration.

    After graduating, she hopes to attend graduate school to become a clinical psychologist and help veterans access the resources they need to improve their mental health and general well-being. She also plans to explore new countries and try new food as she believes good, nutritious food is something that can connect people from all walks of life.

  • Anae Evangelista

    3rd year Molecular and Cell Biology Major, Psychology Minor

    Anae Evangelista aims to reduce the stigma regarding food insecurity and guide students to food assistance resources through her work as a CalFresh Outreach Assistant. She hopes to expand the reach of the UCSD CalFresh program and increase accessibility to the food assistance program.

    After graduation, she aspires to go to dental school and eventually dedicate her time towards providing dental care to homeless children in the Philippines through the Tuloy sa Don Bosco Foundation.

Marketing and Communications

  • Michelle Nguyen

    3rd year Speculative Design Major, Business and Design Double Minor

    As the Marketing and Communications Assistant, Michelle Nguyen strives to inform the student body about The Hub Basic Needs Center and all of the services and resources that it offers. She hopes to continue growing the brand and identity of The Hub Basic Needs Center and increase partnerships with other resource centers on and off campus.

    After graduating, she hopes to travel the world and work in the design field, hopefully the entertainment industry, where she can collaborate with brands and see the positive impact that her work can have on others.

Basic Needs Peer Educators


  • Stephanie Rivas

    4th year Communications and Critical Gender Studies Double Major; History Minor

    As a Basic Needs Peer Educator, Stephanie hopes to continue educating others on Basic Needs issues and establish a program/project within the Hub that addresses or seeks to help out folks who are transportation insecure when coming to/attending UCSD.

    After college, she wants to take the knowledge she has learned in college to work with communities of color to address social justice issues. She wants to establish community based programs that help communities of color advance in higher education, learn and understand social justice issues through an intersectional lens/framework, and learn how to use their voices, practice solidarity, and get involved in making the world a more inclusive space.

  • Marissa Islas

    3rd year Global Health Major; Psychology Minor

    Marissa hopes to raise awareness on the importance of advocating for basic needs through her role as a Basic Needs Peer Educator. It is a goal of hers to not only serve others through the administration and retention of resources but also to bring clarity on how basic needs and one's wellbeing is intrinsically connected. 

    After graduation, she would love to be a part of the Peace Corps before becoming either an Occupational Therapist or a Rehabilitation Counselor, because it would better prepare her to help people with disabilities in developing countries.

  • Abby Rollison

    3rd year Ecology, Behavior, and Evolutionary Biology Major

    As a peer educator, Abby strives to raise awareness about basic needs resources at UCSD and the San Diego area by connecting staff and students with resources available to them. She also hopes to advocate for basic needs within the UC system in order to implement more resources for students.

    After graduation, she aspires to teach English abroad and travel before continuing her studies and career in biology and environmental work.

  • Bella Lalanne

    2nd year Political Science - Public Policy MajorHealth Care - Social Issues Minor

    As an Off Campus Peer Educator for the Basic Needs Hub, Bella hopes to increase awareness for services on and off campus that may alleviate many of the burdens UCSD students experience everyday. She has always had a passion for nutrition and other basic needs that everyone should have access to and hopes to help grow the Hub and its ability to educate students.

    After graduating, she hopes to work to expand health care services inside and outside of the US.