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The Hub Basic Needs Center


  • Alicia Magallanes (she/her)

    San Diego State University, School of Social Work, BSW & MSW

    As Director of the Hub Basic Needs Center, Alicia oversees and provides supportive services to increase accessibility of basic needs resources for students at UC San Diego. She has worked alongside resilient communities in south Los Angeles as a street outreach worker, was a Farmers Market Recovery Glean Lead with Food Forward at the Hollywood Farmers Market, and conducted her graduate studies field practicum with Feeding San Diego locally. (she/her)

    She aspires to cultivate a basic needs secure campus environment and shift dialogue around the topic of basic needs to reflect the resilience as well as innovation of our amazing undergraduate and graduate student communities.

Basic Needs Programs Coordinator

  • Chelsea Benning-Bowles (she/her)

    The Ohio State University, School of Social Work, BSSW & MSW

    As the Basic Needs Programs Coordinator, Chelsea supports the organizational and programmatic logistics of basic needs student services, ensuring the daily operations of The Hub run smoothly, and coordinating campus-wide outreach and integration. 

    Chelsea brings to this role a decade of experience working with students first in New York City and more recently in San Diego, where she's worked to provide and expand resources for those experiencing homelessness, worked to help first generation college students navigate the college selection and admission process, and more recently served as the Advisor and Program Coordinator of the African American Studies Program at UC San Diego. 

    Chelsea aims to use her role on campus not only to address basic needs insecurity, but to also address the need for systemic change that promotes the security, health and well-being of all students at UC San Diego. 

Basic Needs Housing & Education Coordinator

  • Kameo Quenga (she/her)

    University of San Francisco, Higher Education & Student Affairs, M.A.

    As the Basic Needs Housing & Education Coordinator, Kameo aims to holistically support and advocate for students who may be experiencing the spectrum of housing insecurity, as well as educating the greater campus community on the systemic injustices that impact housing-related issues.

    Kameo is new to the San Diego area, she brings lived experiences from both the Bay Area and South Sacramento. She is a proud first generation scholar, who’s passionate about uplifting voices and experiences that are all too often silenced or undervalued. Her interest in advocacy efforts began as Director of Co-Curricular Affairs for Associated Students. Prior to this role, she worked as an Assistant Residence Director and Policy & Procedure Analyst within residential life to ensure the criticality of support for historically marginalized student populations. 

    Kameo wishes to move beyond one-size fits all models and towards executing intentional mechanisms of support for student success. She hopes to cultivate an environment of empathy, care, and fulfillment for the Basic Needs Center.

Basic Needs Food Security Programs Coordinator

  • Sarah Feteih (she/her)

    San Diego State University, School of Social Work, MSW.

    As the Food Security Programs Coordinator, Sarah manages the diverse portfolio of food security programs on campus, including the CalFresh Outreach Team and Food Recovery Network. She serves as a liaison between the Basic Needs Center and Triton Food Pantry, as well as other on- and off-campus partners for food security services. She has been actively involved in food security work across San Diego for the last 4 years, previously supporting the SDSU Economic Crisis Response Team and managing the Wasted Food Prevention Program at the San Diego Food System Alliance. 

    Sarah is passionate about cultivating student leaders in her role and committed to helping students thrive in and out of the classroom. Most of all, she is a proud UCSD alumni and is excited to bring her experience to support students and food security programming on campus. 

Basic Needs Housing and Education Assistant

  • Marissa Islas (she/her)

    The University of California, San Diego, B.A. in Global Health, Psychology Minor

    As the Housing and Education Assistant, Marissa focuses on supporting access to safe and stable housing for students at UC San Diego. She informs students of housing resources through their transition from on-campus to off-campus living. The main purpose of this position is to develop short-term and long-term strategies to address food and housing insecurity on campus. Additionally, Marissa manages the Off-Campus Housing Website and facilitates the Basic Needs Peer Education Program.

    Before this role, Marissa was a Peer Educator Student Lead at The Hub. She is passionate about providing basic needs accessibility for students at UC San Diego through the administration and retention of resources.

CalFresh Program Coordinator

  • Keliana Rios (she/they)

    The University of California, San Diego, English in Literatures Major, Educational Studies and Psychology Minor

    Keliana Rios has been actively engaged and involved with the Basic Needs movement at UCSD since 2018. She started off as the Pop-up Pantry Manager and in her third year she was the Associated Vice President of Food and Housing. She now continues to work as the CalFresh Program Coordinator. She wants to be a resource for students and combat food insecurity and stigmas that surround it.

    Keliana wants to continue her education by working towards her Masters of Social Worker. She will spend her next few years applying to graduate programs and continuously uplift the community she is part of.

Basic Needs Assistants

  • Aliyah Annis (she/they)

    2nd year Political Science Major

    As a Basic Needs Assistant, Aliyah hopes to provide compassionate and empowering support to students facing any type of Basic Needs insecurities.

    Following graduation, Aliyah aspires to attend law school to become an attorney and encourage others toward activist lawyering in order to implement change at a higher level.

  • Ariana Lopez (she/her)

    2nd year Chemical Engineering Major

    As a Basic Needs Student Assistant, Ariana Lopez strives to help students fulfill their needs in order to succeed and achieve. Her passion about the many resources available to students allows her to spread awareness about basic needs.

    After she graduates, she hopes to put her degree to use in the food industry to assist researchers in designing and developing edible products, making them healthier and accessible to all.

  • Chiemena Nnorom (she/her)

    2nd year Global Health Major

    As a Basic Needs Assistant, Chiemena Nnorom wants to continue spreading the word about not only the 3 foundational services the Basic Needs Center provides— housing resources, food security, and financial assistance— but also about our volunteer programs and collaborations with other clubs on campus.

    Her aspirations in life include starting my career in the pharmaceutical field and going overseas to make medication more accessible for low-income communities.

  • Joie Haydel (she/her)

    4th year Clinical Psychology Major, Law and Society Minor

    As a Basic Needs Assistant, Joie Haydel aims to support the holistic well-being of students by connecting them to Basic Needs resources on and off campus. With this goal, she hopes to create a sense of personal security among these students, as well as aid in promoting academic success.

    After graduation, she intends to pursue a Clinical Psychology Graduate Degree and become a therapist. She plans to utilize her higher education to dismantle mental health stigmas and to uplift individuals within communities of color.

CalFresh Outreach Assistants

  • Anae Evangelista (she/her)

    3rd year Molecular and Cell Biology Major, Psychology Minor

    Anae Evangelista aims to reduce the stigma regarding food insecurity and guide students to food assistance resources through her work as a CalFresh Outreach Assistant. She hopes to expand the reach of the UCSD CalFresh program and increase accessibility to the food assistance program.

    After graduation, she aspires to go to dental school and eventually dedicate her time towards providing dental care to homeless children in the Philippines through the Tuloy sa Don Bosco Foundation.

  • Eliana Blachman (she/her)

    3rd year Political Science Major, Computational Social Sciences Minor

    As a CalFresh Outreach Assistant, Eliana hopes to maximize the number of students who take advantage of public benefits set aside for them. She also works to reduce stigma surrounding food security assistance.

    She hopes to receive a Masters in International Affairs from the School of Global Policy and work abroad after she graduates.
  • Giselle Aguilar (she/her)

    3rd year Public Health Major, Studio Art Minor 

    As a CalFresh Outreach Assistant, Giselle strives to help guide students to learn and apply for not only food assistance but also other resources that are available to them through the HUB. Every student has a right towards having food security, housing security, and financial assistance. However, no student should stress about basic needs, and that is why she aims to destigmatize the culture of asking for support through her work with the CalFresh Program.

    After graduation, she would like to pursue a master’s in public health to further her research on closing the gap of health inequalities. More specifically, she is passionate about fighting social and economic barriers in the medical field.

  • Harjot Thiara (he/him)

    3rd year Global Health Major, Psychology Minor

    As a CalFresh Outreach Assistant, Harjot aims to better his understanding of public health by learning about food insecurity and its impact on the San Diego/UCSD community. He wishes to increase public knowledge about CalFresh and other resources available at The Hub for those who may find them helpful.

    After graduation, Harjot would like to pursue graduate studies in Public/Global Health to further his understanding in these areas. Another area of interest is traveling across the world, as he works with NGOs/IGOs tackling global health issues.
  • Joanne Ma (she/her)

    2nd year Political Science and Public Health Double Major

    As a CalFresh Outreach Assistant, Joanne hopes to make CalFresh resources more accessible to students at UCSD by making the program easier to navigate. She also hopes to advocate for more diversity and inclusion in the program.

    After graduation, Joanne intends on attending law school and aspires to be a human rights lawyer.

  • Stefanie Alarcon (she/her)

    2nd year Human Biology Major

    As a CalFresh Outreach Assistant, Stefanie loves being able to help college students fight food insecurity and inform people on many of the helpful resources that the HUB has to offer!

Triton Food Pantry

  • Caytre Ede (she/her)

    2nd year Human Biology Major

    As the Triton Food Pantry Pop-Up/Accessibility Manager, Caytre Ede strives to bring the services of the food pantry to UCSD students both on and off campus through collaboration with different resources, such as DoorDash and 211 San Diego. She hopes to bring awareness to the spectrum of food insecurities while expanding the pantry’s outreach efforts using a student-focused perspective.

    After graduating, she aspires to pursue medicine as a physician in a community-based setting. In doing so, she hopes to develop personable relationships and a character of servitude to others.
  • Cynthia Platt (they/them)

    3rd year Developmental Psychology Major

    As the General Operations Manager for the Triton Food Pantry, Cynthia Platt aims to utilize their own experiences with food insecurity to create an understanding and empathetic space for students. They recognize and want to change how ostracizing food insecurity can be for those attending prestigious universities.

    Once they have graduated, Cynthia plans to continue their education by earning a Masters in Psychology. This will allow them to pursue their lifelong dream of becoming a children's behavioral therapist for those in low income communities.
  • Hannah Budroe (she/her)

    3rd year General Biology and History Double Major

    As Co-Lead for the Triton Food Pantry, Hannah Budroe works to ensure students have enough food to support them throughout the day and support their success as students. As the previous accessibility manager, she worked to develop and expand the pantry’s delivery service to students facing transportation or health issues. Now, she hopes to further expand pantry accessibility programs while also offering more nutritious and culturally reflective foods.

    After she graduates, Hannah hopes to work as biologist, researching the impact that climate change is having on marine organisms and ecosystems, and finding solutions to this pressing issue facing our planet.
  • Leeda Sea (she/her)

    4th year Global Health Major, Urban Studies and Planning Minor

    As the Co-Lead for the Triton Food Pantry, Leeda Sea aims to combat food insecurity amongst UCSD students through increasing accessibility, having efficient management and operations, and offering items that are culturally reflective of the diverse student body on campus.

    After graduation, she hopes to find a career in the public health field and assist disadvantaged communities.
  • Taylor Drennen (she/her)

    4th year Electrical Engineering Major

    As a Volunteer Manager at the Triton Food Pantry, Taylor aims to advocate for students involvement at the Triton Food Pantry via volunteering and to build a community with volunteers through virtual volunteer events. She has been part of the Triton Food Pantry since her sophomore year (starting off as volunteering each quarter to the position she is at now) and has been actively involved with Basic Needs for the past three years.

    After graduation Taylor wants to go to grad school or work as an engineer for the Department of Defense.
  • Vianey Valdez (she/her)

    4th year Human Development and Global Health Double Major

    Upon graduating, Vianey would love to work with food desert communities, helping them to gain equitable access to food resources.

  • Yunshen Li (he/him)

    4th year General Biology and Clinical Psychology Double Major

    Yunshen's job at the pantry as the External Affairs Manager, is to organize possible collaborations with other organizations so that more students can find us when they are experiencing food insecurity issues. Yunshen loves working at the pantry and it is a very meaningful job to him. He also like traveling and cooking.


Marketing and Communications

  • Michelle Nguyen (she/her)

    4th year Speculative Design Major, Business and Design Double Minor

    As the Marketing and Communications Lead, Michelle Nguyen strives to inform the student body about The Hub Basic Needs Center and all of the services and resources that it offers. She hopes to continue growing the brand and identity of The Hub Basic Needs Center and increase partnerships with other resource centers on and off campus.

    After graduating, she hopes to travel the world and work in the design field, hopefully the entertainment industry, where she can collaborate with brands and see the positive impact that her work can have on others.

  • Tiffany Widjaja (she/her)

    3rd year Clinical Psychology Major, Cognitive Science Minor

    As the Marketing and Communications Assistant, Tiffany strives to make The Hub Basic Needs Center's resources accessible and available to folks in the community. Tiffany enjoys creating new ways The Hub Basic Needs Center can increase its reach towards UCSD students, faculty, and families, as well as folks who reside off-campus.

    After graduation, Tiffany aspires to attend graduate school and focus her studies on the relationship between brain function and behavior. She also hopes to incorporate her passion for photography and design into her future by partnering with brands that advocate for mental health through community involvement and art.

Basic Needs Peer Educators


  • Caitlin Grace Balmores (she/her)

    3rd year Human Developmental Sciences Major

    As a Basic Needs Peer Educator, Caitlin strives to inform UCSD students and people from the San Diego area about the resources provided on and off campus. Caitlin also strongly advocates for basic needs, social issues awareness, as well as mental health by providing resources and alleviating some pressure students may have.

    After graduation, she hopes to pursue the medical field by becoming a Physician Assistant. Caitlin also seeks to open her own daycare for children with military/single parents on frequent deployments. She also aspires to travel to the Philippines and start her own school-on-wheels for more accessible education in the provinces.

  • Makayla Rivera (she/her)

    2nd Year Cognitive Science with a specialization in Language and Culture Major

    Makayla strives to help UCSD students through spreading awareness about resources that are offered both at UCSD and in San Diego. In addition, I hope that providing support for these students will make their college experience easier and more enjoyable. I am also a huge advocate for student health and safety, and I hope that my work will make students feel more comfortable throughout their time at UCSD.

    After graduation, I plan to attend graduate school, in hopes of becoming a speech pathologist. I hope to one day open my own speech pathology practice that specializes in speech pathology for children, helping kids find their voice.

  • Marcy Davila (she/her)

    3rd year Political Science: Public Law MajorCritical Gender Studies Minor

    As a peer educator, Marcy approaches community outreach through an intersectional and inclusive lens. She aims to bring more awareness to the basic needs barriers faced by off-campus students, particularly those who come from underserved backgrounds. She hopes to strengthen the connection between students and The Hub so that everyone has access to the resources they need.

    In the future, Marcy intends on pursuing a legal career. She wants to involve herself in advocacy and public service work that is centered on social justice efforts.

Food Recovery Network Drivers

  • Anne Ilustrisimo (she/her)

    4th year Neurobiology Major, Psychology and Music Double Minor

    As a driver for the Food Recovery Network, Anne works to recover donated food from various organizations and partnerships throughout San Diego and distribute it directly to fellow students, completely free of charge. She does so in a way that aims to display compassion, inclusivity, and understanding for the many challenges that students may face.

    Following graduation, Anne aspires to attend medical school and utilize the transferrable skills and values that she’s learned in this position in order to promote sustainability and equity within the field of healthcare.

  • Cindy Xu (she/her)

    2nd year General Biology Major

    As an FRN driver, Cindy is able to save food that would be thrown away and give it to people that suffer from food insecurity. She also loves animals even though she is severely allergic to cats and dogs. As a hobby, Cindy loves playing video games including League of Legends and csgo. Moreover, Cindy also follows esports including LCS and LEC, and her favorite team since 2014 is TSM, mainly because of Bjergsen.

    After graduating, Cindy hopes to become an orthodontist. She is really passionate about helping the environment and being more sustainable, which is also why the position really interests her.

  • Kailey Wilkens (she/her)

    2nd year Computer Science Major

    As a Driver, Kailey works with the FRN team to recover surplus food from local markets and redistribute it to students free of cost, supporting sustainability and food security.

    Looking forward, Kailey plans to use her computer science skills to advance and support the ideals of sustainability, equity, and diversity.

  • Matt Dzoan (he/him)

    3rd year Management Science Major, Communications Minor

    As an FRN Driver, Matt helps to eliminate food waste while simultaneously fighting food insecurity. He believes that everybody has a right to not only food, but food that is nutritious and healthy.

    After graduating, Matt plans to pursue a career in data science in hopes of using data to positively impact the world and its problems.