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Taste of Success Series

The Office of Food & Housing Resources is excited to announce the first seminar of our monthly series, Taste of Success. Taste of Success seeks to educate students about Basic Needs security, essential life skills, and how they can thrive as a student.

Episode 1: The Importance of Good Nutrition

In this seminar, our speakers will discuss the importance of nutrition and how meals can impact academic success. Students will learn about food security resources that are accessible on campus and in the San Diego Community.


Episode 2: Ca$hCourse

In this seminar, our speakers will discuss the basics of credit and debt, and investment techniques. Students will learn how to manage their financial assets with guidance and step-by-step tutorials.


Episode 3: Just for the Health of It

in this seminar, our speaker will provide a safe space for students to brainstorm feasible and realistic self-care strategies. Students will learn about the dimensions of wellness and how to reconnect with and reinvigorate their amazing selves!

Watch Episode 3

Episode 4: Moving On

In this seminar, our speakers will guide students on the process of finding off-campus housing. Students will learn the legal aspects of being a renter and gain knowledge to prepare them for transition from on campus to off campus living