Basic Needs: Requirements


Application due date: Two weeks prior to start of program being requested

Prior to allocation of funding The UC San Diego student organization or campus department requesting funds will provide the following to the UC San Diego Basic Needs Committee for review and approval:

  • Brief synopsis of the programmatic request. (Brief description of the event, targeted audience, date, intended use, connection to wellness/counseling/counseling services).
  • Learning outcomes for the event (Ex: one learning outcome could include: “I am aware of how to access Basic Needs Resources at UCSD.”)
  • Proposed program assessment methods (ex: evaluations/questions/quizzes)
  • Proposed budget, including prospective vendors (UCSD approved vendors highly recommended)

Basic Needs Committee Co-Chairs will review proposal and provide feedback one week from receipt of the program proposal.

Post-program report due date: Two weeks following the event (or by the Wednesday of 10th week, if an ongoing event/program)

Program evaluations should include the following information:

  1. Date(s) and Title of the Program
  2. DETAILED description (3 – 4 sentences)
  3. Number attended and/or number of students reached
  4. Targeted Audience
  5. Brief (500 words or less) description of how these funds were used to identify efforts to sustain these types of programs. (Ex: a training manual was created; relationships were developed with the following departments).
  6. Results related to learning outcomes and additional assessment information if applicable