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Mobile Pantry

To increase efforts in tackling the food insecurity crisis in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Triton Food Pantry and the Student Sustainability Collective are partnering to bring UCSD students a Mobile Pantry to make food aid more accessible for off-campus students!

» Each UCSD student is allowed one visit to the Mobile Pantry per week.
» Select a location closest to you and schedule a pick-up time via the links provided.
» Arrive at pick-up location and select a pre-bagged bag (comes in gluten-free and vegan varieties). The Mobile Pantry DOES NOT allow for the option for customizing bags.


» Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center - Parking Lot in the back of center:

» La Jolla Park East Apartments:

» Coast Apartments:

Check back here for updates here. You can find the exact google maps directions below in the next section. 



Mobile Pantry Locations

Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center

Distributions will be from 11am-1pm on Wednesdays. We will be located at the parking lot. Click on "map" to see the exact location. You can sign up for a pick up using this link:


La Jolla Park East Apartments

Distributions at this location will begin at 11:30am and end at 1pm. Please use the main entrance to the apartment complex and then go left all the way down until you reach the parking lot that we will be set up at. Sign up for a pick-up at


Coast Apartments

Distributions at this location will begin at 11:30am and end at 1pm. We will be in the parking lot by 9310 by the intersection of Discover Way and Redwood Dr. Use the link below for exact location through google maps. Sign up for a pick-up at


Pre-Bagged Items


Bagged Items:

 Medium Shell Pasta   Mini frosted wheats  Shin Ramen  Canned garbanzos
 Pad thai  Spaghetti  Granola bars  Canned chicken soup
 Spaghetti sauce  Red kidney beans  Oatmeal packs  Dark chicken
 Bag of rice

Glutten Free/Vegan Bagged Items:

 Gluten Free Pasta   White Rice  Brown Rice  Canned garbanzos
 Pad thai  Black beans  Granola bars  Red kidney beans
 Spaghetti sauce    

Produce/Fruit Bagged Items:

 Mangoes  Bananans  Oranges  Potatoes
 Yams  Avocadoes   Grapes  Apples
 Kale  Carrots