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DoorDash Delivery Service

The DoorDash Delivery program was initiated by one of our Triton Food Pantry managers and launched in Fall of 2020! The program aims to target off-campus food insecurity through pre-packaged deliveries to students' addresses. Students can get pantry items delivered to their door at NO COST! Our goal is to make our pantry service more accessible for students who live off-campus or are unable to make it to either of our on-campus locations. Please read our flyer and Q&A section below to ensure that you qualify for our program. 

Delivery Service

Who Qualifies For the DoorDash Delivery Program?

UC San Diego students who are living off-campus within a 10-mile radius of university qualify for our program! In order to qualify for delivery, students must ensure that their address is within the bounds of the delivery radius map (link:, which can be seen below. If a student's address is within the bounds of the map, they are eligible for the program. Students must sign up 7 days before the delivery date (link:

Note: If your delivery address is not within the bounds of the program's [10-mile] radius delivery map, your order will NOT be fulfilled. You must be signed into your UC San Diego email account to access both the program's delivery radius map and delivery sign up.

How Often Do I Need To Sign-Up for the Program?  

Students must sign-up every week in order to receive consistent deliveries. Your DoorSash delivery sign-up will count as your pantry visit for the delivery week. You may not visit the pantry during your scheduled delivery week. If you are in need of additional food assistance, please notify the Triton Food Pantry at

What If I Have Issues With My Delivery or Have Questions About the Program? 

If you experience any issues with your delivery, or need to cancel your delivery, please feel free to email our DoorDash delivery Manager as soon as possible at You may also need to send a message to our Facebook page to notify our pantry staff onsite. Cancellations should be 7 days before the scheduled delivery.