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Applying For CalFresh Independently


For FAQs on the temporary changes to CalFresh Student Eligibilty, please click here.

For more in-depth assistance with applying to CalFresh, this page contains some helpful information including a step-by-step video on how to apply independently, as well as a list of documents that you may need to submit with your application. If you would like help with your application feel free to contact us to set up a one-on-one appointment with a member of our team!

Documents for CalFresh Applicants:

This list contains various documents needed by CalFresh Applicants. Some of these are necessary for ALL applicants while others are only necessary for SOME. If you are unsure which documents you should be submitting, feel free to ask us!

  • ROI (Release of Information)
    • This document allows your case information to be viewed by the UC San Diego CalFresh team and San Diego County. The ROI is linked through DocuSign, so you only need to follow the link to fill out the necessary categories. You will submit this at the end of the CalFresh application when it asks for “any additional documents.” Submitting this document is the best way for us and you to receive updates on your case. Once you fill this out, it will automatically be sent to our email
      • Note: An ROI is not required, but it is highly recommended.
  • CSAC Letter (an example)
    •  A CSAC letter is a letter sent by the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) that confirms you received Calgrant A or B for the upcoming school year. Only students who meet the income requirement of annual parent and student income of no more than $50k will receive the CSAC letter with TANF (Temporary Assistance For Needy Family) language. 
      • Note: If you believe you should have received a letter or if your citizenship status changed since you applied for FASFA, contact us for more information
  • Signature for Tenancy Verification (On-campus Housing)
    • You only need to review this if you are living in on-campus housing and need access to your housing contract. This document allows HDH to release your Housing and Dining Contract to you. You should fill out this document yourself and send it to Afterwards, you will receive an email from HDH with your housing contract in it—that is the document which you will submit in the CalFresh Application.
  • SAR 7 Eligibility Report (Semi-Annual Report)
    • The SAR7 is required for updating the county after having CalFresh for 6 months. It asks for any changes that have happened within the time you received CalFresh. This document is a stand-in for the online Semi-Annual Report portal—if you have access to a computer, we recommend filing your Semi-Annual Report online through this link.
    • Note: You must fill out a SAR7 every 6 months to continue your CalFresh benefits. If a SAR7 is not completed, your CalFresh benefits may be canceled.
  • CSF Form (Financial Aid / Work Study Verification Report)
    • This form is only required if you are currently working through work study. If you are, you will send this form to your place of employment to fill out. You will then submit the completed CSF Form to the CalFresh Application.
      • Note: If you are approved for work study, but don't use work study for your current job, you do not need to submit a CSF Form.
  • Employment Verification
    • You’ll only need to submit this verification if the county specifically asks for employment verification. You will send this PDF to your workplace and ask them to fill out the verification. 
  • How to Access Pay Stubs on UCPath
    • This is a document that goes step-by-step of accessing your pay stubs on UCPath for students who work on campus.
  • Shelter Verification
    • This document needs to be filled out if you are living temporarily in a shelter. If that is the case, it can be submitted as proof of housing on the CalFresh Application.
  • FAQ on Basic Application Documents
    • This link will send you to an outline of the most basic documents that are required for applicants such as photo ID, Financial Aid, etc.

Temporary Eligibility Forms: