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Basic Needs Committee

On April 27th, 2016 the Basic Needs Committee was charged by the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs to specifically assist the campus with the following priorities:

  • A definition of food and housing insecurity that suits our campus’ unique needs
  • Identification of prevailing challenges associated with accessing affordable and sustainable food and housing
  • Creation of an inventory of all existing campus programs and services in support of housing and food security
  • Provide recommendations for further coordination and collaboration and possible new initiatives aimed at addressing food and housing insecurity
Alexis Wesley Triton Food Pantry, Associated Students
Alicia Magallanes Basic Needs Coordinator
Amanda Marples Assistant Director, Marketing and Programs University Centers
Andrew B. Kahng Faculty - Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Angel Brito CalFresh Outreach Assistant Lead
Blanca Melendrez Executive Director, Center for Community Health
Cheryl Anderson Professor & Interim Chair in the department of Public Health
Christian Walker Executive Assistant, Associated Students
Christine McNamara Nutritionist, Student Health Services
Cindy Villaflores Victim Advocate, CARE at Sexual Assault Resource Center
Cong Dinh Graduate Student Association
Damian Ruiz Off Campus Housing Services Coordinator
Dana Pysz

Associate Dean of Student Affairs / Director of Residence Life

Esteban Marquez Senior Associate Director, Financial Aid Office
Hayley Weddle Committee Co-Chair and Graduate Student Representative
Heather Belk Director, Associated Students
John Weng Assistant Director, Associated Students Operations
Jon Carlos Senour Director of Student Legal Services
Judy Goodman Clinical Psychologist, Counseling & Psychological Services
Kia Neri Commuter Events/Program Manager
Lakshmi Chilukuri Provost, Sixth College
Lori Weiner Student Affairs Case Manager
Mary Anan Assistant Director, Student Legal Services
Mary Anderson Director, Case Management Services
Michelle Zive Center for Community Health
Patty Mahaffey Committee Chair and Assistant Vice Chancellor, Student Life
Nathaniel Badii Andy's Pantry
Nel Garcia Sergeant, UCPD
Nicolette Solarez Associated Students Advisor
Senuri Boralessa Basic Needs Student Services Assistant Lead
Shawna Hook-Held Engaged Learning Tools Specialist, Teaching & Learning Commons
Stacie San Miguel Director for Medical Services, Student Health Services
Timothy Stempel Clinical Social Worker, Student Health Services
Vonda Garcia Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships Office
William Armstrong Director, Student Research and Information
Yvonne Hernandez Friedman Associate Director, Residential Success and Community Development